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Training solutions

Hotel for athletes

At Dynamic Hotels we are specialized in

sports tourism

and we offer a service

hotel fitness

to teams/athletes that need a trusted partner to establish a concentration before an event or a competition.

We also offer a recurring offer of sports activities thus, as different weekend getaways specially designed for adventure vacation lovers.

“Things always happen in the Dynamic. Breathing sport is something that we passionate, we are in love with building and pampering the sports needs of each of our clients”

Bouba Barrow. Head of Dynamic Hotels

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities

At Dynamic Hotel we have our own sports facilities as well as agreements with different facilities in the area, which allows us to offer a service

sports hotel

first level

Hotel with Gym in Spain


Located on the top floor of our facilities

Fitness Hotel Spain

Fitness Room

Multipurpose space for training and recovery

Space Outdoor Training Hotel

Outdoor Space

Multipurpose area located next to our hotel on the Barcelona Coast

Hotel pool for athletes

Swimming pool

Covered pool of 25 meters. * In agreement with Sorli Sport Sant Vicenç

Football field Hotel

Football field

Regulation soccer field. In agreement with Aj. Sant Vicenç de Montalt

Espacio Outdoor Entrenamiento Hotel

Basketball court

Basketball court / sports center. In agreement with Aj. Sant Vicenç de Montalt


These are some of the resources I like

accommodation for athletes

available to people who train at our facilities


We have an associated physiotherapy service in case of injury or the need for scheduled training.


The ideal space if you need to complement your “stage” with technical talks supported by audiovisual material.


We design adapted diets for athletes who are training at our facilities.


We have personal trainers who can help you in your training by organizing special activities or friendly matches.


Our hotel for athletes is designed for the training of these public profiles.

Professional athletes

Athletes who need a special training period before the start of a competition.

Teams in concentration

Teams that demand professional facilities where they can prepare a season or experience the intense schedule of a tournament.

Personal training

Non-professional athletes looking for a trusted partner where they can train on a daily basis or go on a sports getaway.

Caldes de Estrac: 1001 Opportunities for sport

The facilities of our hotel are located in Caldes d’Estrac, a small town located within the central area of the Costa del Maresme. A privileged area for practicing sport -it is the venue for events such as the Tuna Race Balfegó or the Ironman Barcelona- which stands out for its privileged climate and its strategic access to large natural spaces.

Because training at Dynamic Hotels means having direct access to the impressive resources offered by the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range and the Montseny area, while being in a beach town, with direct access to the Mediterranean and a large number of sports facilities.

Caldes de Estrac are 1001 opportunities for sport. The perfect setting for your workouts.

Hotel with sports activities

Professional athletes

Dynamic Stage

A logistics partner to improve your performance

At Dynamic Hotels we want to be your training logistics partner and that is why we have created a special Stage pack for professional athletes . An open pack adaptable to the needs of each individual / team (training, concentration, performance improvement, …) whose objective is to make life easier for the athlete. In other words, a classic sports hotel package where you only have to worry about your training because we’ll take care of the rest of the details.

Sports Stage

From €58/day

Recommended for: Professional athletes before a competition; team concentrations; Pre-season training

Are you looking for a hotel with sports facilities for a sports training camp? At Dynamic Hotels we are a hotel specialized in sports that offers a comprehensive lodging service for athletes and sports teams that need a trusted partner to hold a sports concentration. A comprehensive service where we take special care of aspects such as nutrition, rest, and of course all aspects related to physical preparation that a sports professional may need.

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