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Healthy and local food with truly luxurious views of the Mediterranean

Dynamic Restaurant

Un carpaccio del restaurante de Dynamic Hotels en Caldes de Estrac

Located on the spectacular sixth and seventh floors of our hotel complex in Caldes de Estrac, the Dynamic Restaurant is the most gastro, affable and gourmand from Dynamic Hotels. A restaurant open to all audiences based on the smiling philosophy on which we have built our hotel brand.

A commitment to healthy, fun and versatile cuisine that we could not explain without the exquisite views of the Mediterranean from our panoramic dining rooms. A lively restaurant with an attractive agenda of musical events and gastro-activities, but also a space in which to unwind and have fun surrounded by your partner, family or friends. A place where things always happen and that we are convinced will never leave you indifferent.

Interior dining room of the Dynamic Hotels restaurant in Caldetas
Terrace of the Dynamic Hotels restaurant in Caldetas
Dynamic restaurant table in Caldes d'Estrac
Terrace bar of the Dynamic Hotels restaurant in Caldetas

Our menu is a tribute to Caldetas and the gastronomic culture of Barcelona today

In the menu of our Dynamic Restaurant you will find a selection of tapas and seasonal dishes followed by a delicious section of Mediterranean rice dishes and a section of local fish and meat.

Salad from the Dynamic Restaurant in Caldetas
Paella at the Dynamic restaurant in Caldetas
a meat dish from the Dynamic restaurant in Caldetas

Specialists in group menus

At Dynamic Hotels we have a division dedicated to organizing events, so we have focused part of our “knowledge” as a restaurant on the perfection of group lunches and dinners. We have private rooms, special menus and offers at our hotel.

Room for group menus in Dynamic Hotels

A restaurant with a swimming pool

Are you looking for a restaurant with a pool to have a drink after a swim? Our facilities have an outdoor swimming pool with its own “Snack Bar”. An ideal space to visit after a day at the beach, have a mid-afternoon beer or enjoy a cheerful snack after a dip.

Dynamic restaurant pool in Caldetas



13:00 a 15:30

Friday Saturday and Sunday


20:00 a 22:30

Friday and Saturday

Weekend and holidays

13:00 a 15:30

20:00 a 22:30

Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday


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