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A unique stay in Barcelona.

Dynamic Hotels is a three star hotel located in Caldes d'Estrac, in the Maresme region. It is one of the hotels with the best option for those visiting Barcelona, it is only a 30-minute drive away.

At Dynamic Hotels you can find and experience all kinds of gastronomic and sports experiences, as it is a hotel specialized in active solutions for coaches, training, entertainment and sports events.

Dynamic Hotels offers different services for all people. On the seventh floor, we have the gym, called Dynamic Sport & Health, where you will be directed classes (Yoga, Circuit Training, Pilates ...) but also, individual classes or in a small group with a personal trainer.

Dynamic Hotels also offers Dynamic Music every weekend of the year, accompanying every month of the year with jazz and DJ. On Saturdays after lunch the terrace becomes a track, where different poems point to music until evening, and on Sundays, dj's music is transformed into jazz before going to lunch, the perfect plan to make a vermouth accompanied by music.

Dynamic Hotels is just meters from the beach of Caldetes and many more, such as those on the Costa Brava, which are the best beaches in Catalonia. The hotel is also, perfectly connected to reach the most touristy cities in the area, either from Calella, Mataró or Barcelona.

Dynamic Hotels is ready to cater to all kinds of audiences to make celebrations of a serious or festive nature with high level cuisine accompanied by unique views throughout the Maresme.